Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Teeth

Before and After pictures from this morning. The dental surgeon had to crown ALL of her baby teeth, EVERY single one of them. I hate that the chemotherapy did this to her teeth. I hate the cancer that made her get chemo that battered her teeth. Was a reality check again today when we saw her after the surgery all swollen up and hooked up to all the wires again. She hasn't spoken a word since we brought her home today, it's pretty painful for her. Just moaning, groaning, and lots of whimpering. The dental surgeon said she'll be in pain for the next couple of days, particularly her gums. Every single baby tooth!! She has white crowns on the front and bottom four and the rest are silver. Bennet had one crown yesterday and he threw the biggest pain fit that he's ever had. Imagine Bennet getting all of them done like Jovee did today. She's so tough. I guess she doesn't have a choice. We just choose to put her through pain in hopes that it will pay off in the end. I don't like it but what do you do, you just have to press forward and deal with it and hope for the best. I'm not bitter, I might sound like it but it was just a reality check again today that this cancer is real. We just try to think positive and press forward through the trials that lay in front of us.

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