Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Happy

Jeannine and I were in Vegas this last weekend. Took off Thursday night and got back Sunday evening. Was kind of our 9 year wedding anniversary / break from the past 10 months getaway. The main reason we chose Vegas was because Phantom of the Opera. Oh man!!! If you ever get a chance to go down there, catch Phantom. It was absolutely incredible. The music, costumes, was awesome!!! That's my sales pitch for Phantom.

Very frustrated with the hospitals. We got done with our last appointment last Monday and the oncologist was supposed to call and coordinate with Sacred Heart what next for Jovee. None of that was done until today because we were wondering what next???? Oh we're sorry, our scheduler has been very busy...blah, blah, we're supposed to call them back tomorrow to figure out what the next steps are. Sacred Heart wants to do all the tests over because since they're taking over Jovee's treatments they want to know where she's at. So MIBG scans, CT Scans, MRI's...regular physicals.
Although it's been nice to not have to take her to the hospitals we understand that she's still a cancer patient still receiving treatments. She's still has 6 months left of oral medication plus they definitely have to check up on the small tumor that they radiated on, to see that the radiation shrunk it.
I think I posted it already but after the 6 months of oral meds is over then she'll be considered in remission. If the cancer does not relapse after 5 years then she'll be considered cured and cancer free. We're going to have a BIG, HUGE, AWESOME celebration fiesta when the day comes, around February of the year 2013. Mark your calendars to come to the Lim home for a cancer free celebration!!!
Jovee said to her aunt Sue while we were gone this weekend, "I'm happy". She's been talking so much and has been very, very happy. Finally! I think it's because all the chemo has flushed out of her system and her body is feeling, for the first time in almost a full year, normal, without any yuck stuff in her. She is doing so very, very well. She's just so happy and loves life. She loves to put on Brooke's shoes (wearing big shoes is a thing she has going) and go outside to play. The kids start school tomorrow, or rather this morning. What's Jeannine and Jovee going to do all day without them. They all catch the bus at 8 and won't be home until 3:30. Bennet and Brooke are so excited about starting kindergarten that they couldn't sleep until 11 pm. They're really excited. Their teacher is going to party all year long, he said, because it's his last year of teaching and he can do whatever he wants and play as much as he wants. That'll be fun. Tyson had him for a kindergarten teacher and liked him a lot. Good night. I'm tired. Be happy and love life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Link to KHQ news interview

The story can be found on . Go to middle of the page, VIDEO Now, "Jovee Lim Comes Home" headline. If that doesn't work, just go to KHQ Local News at 5 on August 21st, 2007.

On KHQ 6 News at 5:00 pm

Got interviewed today, will be on KHQ, Channel 6. I'll provide a link after the actual airing. We're back home!!!! Just need to spend several days unpacking because of the reunion and moving our stuff back from Seattle. It was nice driving back last night knowing that it's not just a short few day trip and then having to go back again. We got home around midnight so today was a pretty relaxed day, other than getting all dolled up for the news. It took a while to look good because my hair wasn't cooperating.

Monday, August 20, 2007

All done with radiation!!!!

We had a fun, long weekend at the family reunion in Republic. Jovee did real well flying back to Spokane on Friday. The turbulence didn't help me much though. I was sick with motion sickness for about 6 hours after the place landed. Rough flying. It was real nice to hang out with family. The fishing was very, very good. The boating and jet skiing was fine, although it was windy on Curlew Lake. All in all, was a good, fun family reunion. On the flight back here to Seattle last night was real bumpy the last 10 minutes and Jovee just stayed in my arms. She said, "Bumpy."

Well, she got her celebration balloons and graduate certificate this morning from the radiation team at UWMC. Everyone there was really friendly. Jovee really liked her nurse. It was nice because her nurse worked in the recovery room all the time. It wasn't a rotating nurse. Consistency is always good for young ones. Just another big weight off the shoulders with radiation being done. What is the best news of all this is being able to go back home to Deer Park. Even though we've been home on several occassions it seems like we've been here for a very long, tiring time. The kids are happy to be back in Deer Park also. They're all excited to go back to school. Brooke is so ready to learn to start reading. She asks us all the time about different words and letters.

We got back home from the family reunion to find a nice big banner from the kids at church, which read, "Welcome Home Lim Family". All rainbow colors and signed by the kids at church. So nice to feel like we're loved. We've never felt like we we never not loved. The church families here in the Seattle area have been awesome. The nurses and staff at the hospitals had always been mindful and caring to Jovee and our family. The Ronald McDonald House workers have always been so welcoming. It definitely has been easier because of the friendships and support that we've received through all this.

We're tired from the family reunion so we're just resting right now. We have to clean the apartment and then go to the last appointment at 2:00 pm. After meeting with Dr. Park, we'll head on back, driving, to Spokane. We probably won't be home until late this evening. I'll post what's next on the treatment plan.

The radiation doctors went over with us the possible long term side effects because of radiation. Most likely about an inch of growth stunted. Very unlikely but possible second cancer in the radiated area years later. Don't really want to think about it now so that's all I'm a gonna say.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost Home!!!!!!

To Josh Sundberg: Hey, just because I didn't cliff dive didn't mean I was a chicken. We just needed a designated driver in case everybody got hurt! Bennet is quite the fish so I know he'll go cliff diving with you.

Only Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday left! We have an appointment with Dr. Park just to go over the next 6 months and the next phase and then we'll be on our way home. This weekend is the Welchly family reunion so Jeannine and the kids drove back home today and Jovee and I will fly back to Spokane on Friday, go to the reunion, and then fly back Sunday night. They couldn't accommodate us by doing the Monday radiation earlier so we just had rearrange things and go with their schedule. Whatever.

So we went to the San Juan Islands yesterday, specifically Orcas Island. It was beautiful scenery and the thought of being at the tip of the US and almost out of the country was neat. It was kind of a quick trip, didn't get to see much. Just at at a pizza joint called Portofino's (don't ever waste your money there, it tied for the worst pizza that we've ever eaten) and drove back to catch the ferry. It was good family time though. The kids had fun on the ferry and thought it was cool.

Other than the one day where she threw up, Jovee really hasn't had too much complications with the radiation. Every now and then she gets tired and just lays quiet and her voice gets a little raspy but other than that she's responded really, really well. Again.
We met a family this last Sunday that came to feed everyone at the Ronald McDonald House. They were here for about a year. They're from Yakima. Their son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage IV at the age of 3, went through all the treatments, went into remission for a year, relapsed, and then passed away at age 6. They came to feed everyone because they knew what it was like to live here and go through the cancer battle. It was really good to talk to them but man, I had a break down full to tears moment when I learned that he relapsed and then passed away.
At times we think that Jovee is going to be around for a long time. Then there's other times when she doesn't feel good and gets lethargic and tired and Jeannine and I wonder if the hidden microscopic cancer is taking a toll on her and we just don't even know it and she just toughs it out. It's those moments that are tough for us. Nobody ever wants to think that their loved ones, especially if they're really young, is hurting from pain. Austin's mom and dad understood that when he was about to pass away that it was just a tad bit easier to let him pass away because he was in so much pain from the leukemia. When I think that she is slightly hurting, she gets a lot more loving. And tighter hugs and longer kisses.
Tonight, since it was just Jovee and I, I took her shopping for a new outfit and then we went to read books at Barnes and Noble. It was just nice to be with just her. The one on one moments are pretty precious.

Friday, August 10, 2007

6 more

Only 6 more radiation treatments to go! She's starting to get good stubbies on her head. It's exciting to see hair come in.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Possibly more treatments

So Jovee still doing well with radiation. Yesterday was the first time that she might have had any side effects because she threw up around lunch time. It's been 11 treatments and yesterday was the only thing that has happened to her as far as complication. She hasn't had any redness in the radiated area like they say she's supposed to get. At least not now. Her itchy, scratchy throat has only happened a couple of times so really hasn't been that much of a concern.

Not much new news. Just itching to get out of here and be done with this phase. Monday the 21st is the last radiaiton treatment then we can go back home to Deer Park.

Depending on what we want to do, she could get her Hickman line out soon. It depends on if we want Jovee to be part of a new treatment in fighting neuroblastoma. Doctors don't know if using the combination treatment will reduce the risk of the cancer coming back that that is their hope. The antibody ch14.18 is an experimental drug. About 423 children will take part of this study in hospitals all over the country. It's all experimental. There's 4 drugs that are used in the study; one by mouth, one will be given bya shot, and the other 2 will be given through Jovee's central line. Jovee would be in treatment for about six months and follow-up will last for Jovee's entire lifetime.

We're tired. That's about all we think. But we want to give Jovee the best chances. Since it's experimental, we'll see.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Nothing much new, just same ol same ol here in crowded and populated Seattle. One more radiation treatment tomorrow and she'll have 9 treatments down and 11 to go. The nurses and anesthesiologists all just adore Jovee...mostly because she's so cooperative for a 2 year old. They say that there are some kids older than Jovee that just pout and drop on the floor and just throw the biggest fit when they have to get ready for radiation. Jovee is so submissive and cooperative. All 8 times, every time, she has been so good...especially when she has to lay on the radiation table. She just walks right in the room, puts her hands up for me to pick her up and lays there for them to do their thing. Very proud of her.

Today is a beautiful, clear day. Seattle has a big Air and Boat show this weekend and the Blue Angels have been practicing overhead. Very load and awesome when they roar by.

Business has been slow. Spending more on expenses than what's being brought in. We got good cars for good prices but just has been slow. And it doesn't help that I'm here also. Nothing like being there to manage your own business. The idea of a Chinese restaurant in Deer Park would be fantastic but not for us right now. We'll see how it goes when I get back.

July 31st was our 9 year wedding anniversary. I think I'll keep her around just a little bit longer. Just kidding. She's been great. Got a great wife, obedient and good kids, very good family and friends. Makes going through tough times a little bit easier. Who could ask for anything more? A Kawasaki Ultra 250X, with 1500cc's, and 250 horsepower (with a helmet, of course)...oh yeah!!!