Thursday, August 2, 2007


Nothing much new, just same ol same ol here in crowded and populated Seattle. One more radiation treatment tomorrow and she'll have 9 treatments down and 11 to go. The nurses and anesthesiologists all just adore Jovee...mostly because she's so cooperative for a 2 year old. They say that there are some kids older than Jovee that just pout and drop on the floor and just throw the biggest fit when they have to get ready for radiation. Jovee is so submissive and cooperative. All 8 times, every time, she has been so good...especially when she has to lay on the radiation table. She just walks right in the room, puts her hands up for me to pick her up and lays there for them to do their thing. Very proud of her.

Today is a beautiful, clear day. Seattle has a big Air and Boat show this weekend and the Blue Angels have been practicing overhead. Very load and awesome when they roar by.

Business has been slow. Spending more on expenses than what's being brought in. We got good cars for good prices but just has been slow. And it doesn't help that I'm here also. Nothing like being there to manage your own business. The idea of a Chinese restaurant in Deer Park would be fantastic but not for us right now. We'll see how it goes when I get back.

July 31st was our 9 year wedding anniversary. I think I'll keep her around just a little bit longer. Just kidding. She's been great. Got a great wife, obedient and good kids, very good family and friends. Makes going through tough times a little bit easier. Who could ask for anything more? A Kawasaki Ultra 250X, with 1500cc's, and 250 horsepower (with a helmet, of course)...oh yeah!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ty & Jeannine, Great to hear that radiation is going well. We sure miss your family in good ol' Deer Park. Our family prayers wouldn't be complete if Jovees name wasn't mentioned. :) Take care, Love, Doug, Jeannine and the kids.