Monday, August 20, 2007

All done with radiation!!!!

We had a fun, long weekend at the family reunion in Republic. Jovee did real well flying back to Spokane on Friday. The turbulence didn't help me much though. I was sick with motion sickness for about 6 hours after the place landed. Rough flying. It was real nice to hang out with family. The fishing was very, very good. The boating and jet skiing was fine, although it was windy on Curlew Lake. All in all, was a good, fun family reunion. On the flight back here to Seattle last night was real bumpy the last 10 minutes and Jovee just stayed in my arms. She said, "Bumpy."

Well, she got her celebration balloons and graduate certificate this morning from the radiation team at UWMC. Everyone there was really friendly. Jovee really liked her nurse. It was nice because her nurse worked in the recovery room all the time. It wasn't a rotating nurse. Consistency is always good for young ones. Just another big weight off the shoulders with radiation being done. What is the best news of all this is being able to go back home to Deer Park. Even though we've been home on several occassions it seems like we've been here for a very long, tiring time. The kids are happy to be back in Deer Park also. They're all excited to go back to school. Brooke is so ready to learn to start reading. She asks us all the time about different words and letters.

We got back home from the family reunion to find a nice big banner from the kids at church, which read, "Welcome Home Lim Family". All rainbow colors and signed by the kids at church. So nice to feel like we're loved. We've never felt like we we never not loved. The church families here in the Seattle area have been awesome. The nurses and staff at the hospitals had always been mindful and caring to Jovee and our family. The Ronald McDonald House workers have always been so welcoming. It definitely has been easier because of the friendships and support that we've received through all this.

We're tired from the family reunion so we're just resting right now. We have to clean the apartment and then go to the last appointment at 2:00 pm. After meeting with Dr. Park, we'll head on back, driving, to Spokane. We probably won't be home until late this evening. I'll post what's next on the treatment plan.

The radiation doctors went over with us the possible long term side effects because of radiation. Most likely about an inch of growth stunted. Very unlikely but possible second cancer in the radiated area years later. Don't really want to think about it now so that's all I'm a gonna say.

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