Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Possibly more treatments

So Jovee still doing well with radiation. Yesterday was the first time that she might have had any side effects because she threw up around lunch time. It's been 11 treatments and yesterday was the only thing that has happened to her as far as complication. She hasn't had any redness in the radiated area like they say she's supposed to get. At least not now. Her itchy, scratchy throat has only happened a couple of times so really hasn't been that much of a concern.

Not much new news. Just itching to get out of here and be done with this phase. Monday the 21st is the last radiaiton treatment then we can go back home to Deer Park.

Depending on what we want to do, she could get her Hickman line out soon. It depends on if we want Jovee to be part of a new treatment in fighting neuroblastoma. Doctors don't know if using the combination treatment will reduce the risk of the cancer coming back that that is their hope. The antibody ch14.18 is an experimental drug. About 423 children will take part of this study in hospitals all over the country. It's all experimental. There's 4 drugs that are used in the study; one by mouth, one will be given bya shot, and the other 2 will be given through Jovee's central line. Jovee would be in treatment for about six months and follow-up will last for Jovee's entire lifetime.

We're tired. That's about all we think. But we want to give Jovee the best chances. Since it's experimental, we'll see.

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