Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Happy

Jeannine and I were in Vegas this last weekend. Took off Thursday night and got back Sunday evening. Was kind of our 9 year wedding anniversary / break from the past 10 months getaway. The main reason we chose Vegas was because Phantom of the Opera. Oh man!!! If you ever get a chance to go down there, catch Phantom. It was absolutely incredible. The music, costumes, was awesome!!! That's my sales pitch for Phantom.

Very frustrated with the hospitals. We got done with our last appointment last Monday and the oncologist was supposed to call and coordinate with Sacred Heart what next for Jovee. None of that was done until today because we were wondering what next???? Oh we're sorry, our scheduler has been very busy...blah, blah, we're supposed to call them back tomorrow to figure out what the next steps are. Sacred Heart wants to do all the tests over because since they're taking over Jovee's treatments they want to know where she's at. So MIBG scans, CT Scans, MRI's...regular physicals.
Although it's been nice to not have to take her to the hospitals we understand that she's still a cancer patient still receiving treatments. She's still has 6 months left of oral medication plus they definitely have to check up on the small tumor that they radiated on, to see that the radiation shrunk it.
I think I posted it already but after the 6 months of oral meds is over then she'll be considered in remission. If the cancer does not relapse after 5 years then she'll be considered cured and cancer free. We're going to have a BIG, HUGE, AWESOME celebration fiesta when the day comes, around February of the year 2013. Mark your calendars to come to the Lim home for a cancer free celebration!!!
Jovee said to her aunt Sue while we were gone this weekend, "I'm happy". She's been talking so much and has been very, very happy. Finally! I think it's because all the chemo has flushed out of her system and her body is feeling, for the first time in almost a full year, normal, without any yuck stuff in her. She is doing so very, very well. She's just so happy and loves life. She loves to put on Brooke's shoes (wearing big shoes is a thing she has going) and go outside to play. The kids start school tomorrow, or rather this morning. What's Jeannine and Jovee going to do all day without them. They all catch the bus at 8 and won't be home until 3:30. Bennet and Brooke are so excited about starting kindergarten that they couldn't sleep until 11 pm. They're really excited. Their teacher is going to party all year long, he said, because it's his last year of teaching and he can do whatever he wants and play as much as he wants. That'll be fun. Tyson had him for a kindergarten teacher and liked him a lot. Good night. I'm tired. Be happy and love life.

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