Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowy Days

Jovee had a hearing test yesterday, OAE (otoacousic emissions test). This test can tell us how her ears are functioning in response to certain types of sounds. Most cancer patients suffer some loss of hearing. She's all good and at the normal range. For having gone through what she's gone through and having her hearing be where it is at, she's actually doing really well.

It's snowed here just a ton. Tyson, Brooke, and Bennet did not have school today so they enjoyed the day off. As soon as they heard there was no school they were out playing in the snow first thing in the morning. Jovee woke up and was out there playing right along with them. The snow's pretty deep in our front yard so I wonder in her eyes how she views all this snow. I remember the blizzard of 1982 in Denver, being buried in all that white. This hasn't been a blizzard but there's a lot of shoveling I've been doing. Supposed to be more snow tomorrow again, another 2 to 3 inches.

I was feeling tired and yucky today on my way in to work. Got a burst of positive energy when I pulled over to help push a lady in a Toyota Prius that was stuck in the snow, going nowhere. I guy was trying to push her out by himself but was getting nowhere. I saw him while driving by, turned around, hopped out, tried pushing with him but to no avail. Another young man ran over and the 3 of us pushed her out of her rut. We all went our separate ways. The first guy didn't know the lady, just doing the good Samaritan thing; same with the 3rd guy. It was just nice to know of good people helping others, neighbors helping neighbors.

I got delayed 3 hours because I got a nasty flat in a snowy field in the boonies in Post Falls, Idaho. Was trying to install some signs with Andrew Mecham but spent a lot of time getting the tire fixed.


Walt said...

Ty, Jeannine, Tyson, Brooke, Bennett and Jovee. I lost your e-mail address and could not remember the blog address. So I just started typing and finally hit the right one. Just got done catching up on what is going on with you guys. We sure miss you and the whole family. Hope all goes well in the future. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. We will be back up there in April.
Walt & Florence Hegwer

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally catch up on the Lim family as well! George and I have been thinking of ya'll and I loved seeing the pictures you put up. Hope your chest is feeling better and I absolutely love the "who is I" comment from Brookie!!haha! Jovee is looking so big! Can't wait to see everyone again. So, I finally recieved my license in the mail and start work on Mon!! You helped me get there so thank you! Tell everyone hello for me and don't forget to give them big hugs too!~Dezi