Saturday, February 9, 2008


Saturday morning cartoons.

Getting her CT Scans. She's got her "A" game game-face on. Always gets the "best patient of the day" award because she's so cooperative.

Getting ready to get blood draws. It's easy process because of her Hickman line, no poking needed.
No questions about it, you know where she gets her good looks.

Happy little Jovee. Majority of the time she has sunshine in her soul.

Got a little treat from the hospital while waiting to get in to the CT Scans.

CT Scans showed no change in left tumor, still 11 mm x 8 mm. MIBG Scans looks fine. No signs of metastisis. That was verbal over the phone with Dr. F. I won't be completely satisfied until I actually read for myself the dictated results of the actual report, Monday.
She has a little sinus infection so is on Augmentin. Started her last course of Accutane today, 14 days of it and then Jovee actually "graduates" from treatment. We ask so what now, that she still has the neuroblastoma cancer? We're supposed to just wait is what the oncologist says. I'm not really pleased with that answer because she still has cancer.

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