Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good results for MIBG Scan

Jovee and Brooke were playing outside and Jovee decided to be brave; stood on top of one of the snow banks in our front yard then went a tumbling down. The result: some good scars to show.

Restaging Study, compared to 11/5/08

A whole body nuclear tumor localzing scan was performed.

FINDINGS: There is mild increased MIBG localization in the left supraclavicular and left mediastinum, stable to diminished compared to the previous MIBG study.

Scan of Abdomen and Pelvis: No abnormal MIBG localization.

IMPRESSION: Stable to mildly improved compared to 11/5/08 study and no new areas of abnormal MIBG localization.


Jovee went to the pediatric optometrist and has to wear glasses. Her left eye is 20/40 and her right eye (where it's related to Hoerner's syndrome) is 20/50.

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Jane said...

Ty, Jeannine, Jovi! We are so overjoyed to hear the news of these latest scans. We feel your faith and your acceptance of the Lord's will--how great that so far, it is that Jovi stays right here with us. We love you so much and many prayers have been offered at the Nelson house for all of you. You need to come over one of these nights soon and cook us a celebration Chinese dinner. (just send us a shopping list.) Love you, Jane, Bruce and all the Nelsons