Thursday, September 9, 2010


Happy Birthday Shyanne.  One years old.

Today we're going to take the kids out of school early, go to the hospital where Shyanne was born and give a gift to the nurse that really saved Jeannine and Jovee's life during the crazy delivery.  We decided as a family that for Shyanne's birthday we would give a gift to another family that has a baby that is born on this September 9th date.  Before we gave a gift to another family we decided to first give a gift to the nurse, nurse Brenda.  After giving the gift we're going to just go to visit her grave site.  Each of us is going to write a message on a helium filled balloon or attach a small note to the balloon and let it go.  I guess that's the tradition that a lot of people do is let balloons go.  We'll write short messages to Shyanne, let the balloons fly up to heaven, she'll get the message and smile. 

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