Wednesday, March 28, 2007

1st time in Seattle at Children's

We made our first trip to Seattle Children's Hospital yesterday. Today Jovee had her MRI and MRA at 1:30 pm. We were very worried that she would be very irritable because she wasn't allowed to eat any solids after 7:30 am and no liquids after 11:30 am. She loves to eat. We just hoped that she was going to be fine and not crabby while they prepped her before the MRI and MRA. She did awesome! She took a nap from 11:00 until 1:00 and just did really well at the hospital. The Propofol knocked her out so fast it was scary. Jeannine held Jovee in her arms while the anesthiesiologist gave her the Propofol and it took maybe 5 seconds from the time it was injected into her Hickman line to have her be completely knocked out. It was pretty scary and amazing. Anyways, she did really, really good and all went well. Tomorrow we meet with the oncologist here at Children's to see about the tumor and what course of action to take next.

At the end of the month last month, the 28th of February, she had a CAT scan and the scan revealed that the mass was 1 inch in diameter and had pasted itself around the carotid artery. Dr. Thorne, the main surgeon at Sacred Heart, said it's just in a high risk dangerous spot to operate (on the tumor). So we gave Jovee as much Mangosteen100 juic as possible and will see if the Mangosteen100 helped to shrink the neuroblastoma tumor or not.

We're staying at the Extended Stay Hotel, about 15 minutes from Children's. It's got a kitchen in it and we've made many trips to the nearby Albertsons for groceries and miscellaneous stuff.

We ate dinner at What the Pho last night with Tiff and Micah and tonight at dinner at an overpriced restaurant called California Pizza Kitchen. Seattle is pretty expensive to live. Plus it's got way too many cars and people. I like little ol' Deer Park.

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