Tuesday, March 20, 2007

6th round of chemo

Jovee completed her last round of chemo on Monday, March 12th. She came back in on Saturday the 17th because she had a fever. The thermometer that we've been using, the one that scans over the forehead, measured almost 102 degrees. When Jeannine brought Jovee in to the emergency room her temp measured 99. Anyways, she's been here since Saturday night and like usual Jeannine and I switch off spending the night at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Today, she's been really irritable and crabby since Jeannine left at 2 pm. Jovee just would not take a nap. Finally, after morphine and benadryl, she's gone to sleep. It was a really, really hard day for me because she just was so irritable. I had to walk away from her for a while and Amie, the nurse, had to take over. Sometimes, you just have to walk away. Doesn't do anyone any good if we're mentally not into it. Anyways, she's asleep now and I'm just winding down.

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