Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Day

Someone donated a bunch of home made caps for the kids at the hospital some time ago and when Jovee visited the hospital today for preparations for tomorrow's scan, they had saved one specifically for her. Jovee and another girl are known at the hospital as the princesses because they both always come dressed all dolled up. Jovee's pretty well known and I must say a favorite patient of the nurses. A little bit of favoritism but that's all right...

So today is the big scan. It's this morning at 10 am. I'm going to bring the video camera to record the scan. They're pretty relaxed so recording the MiBG is OK. Hoping for the best, hoping for just bowel or just lymph nodes...please, please, please be just that.

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Misti said...

I will be thinking about her and you all today. If you need anything just call me. I love you guys. Tell JOvee that Aunt Misti loves her tons.