Monday, December 3, 2007

Old age body

So it only took 2 hours to find out that I strained and most likely tore some of my intercostal muscles, the muscles that are found in between my ribs. Man, they hurt! Just some pain medicine and time to make the pain eventually go away. Our hot water heater is going out, has been working on and off so got to get that repaired. Had to put new tires on the Jeannine's van because they weren't working very well in the snow. There's always stuff going on, no rest for the wicked. Just a part of life. Man, how boring life would be if we didn't have opposition. I mean, how boring if I just got everything I wanted.

Bennet asked Brooke, "Brooke, am I your friend?" With all innocence and seriousness Brooke replied, "Who's I?".

Jovee hasn't been eating very much at all the past week, particularly the past couple of days. Good thing we got the G-Tube. I wish she would eat though. She's still maintaining her weight so that's good. If, when, it goes well with her scan we're going to ask to have the Hickman line be removed. That would be a big step towards the hope of recovery, not having the tubes hang out of her chest. She's so used to it. The Hickman line has just been a part of her. Whenever we flush her line, daily, she's learned to push the syringe and flush each line out. She likes doing that.

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