Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Updates

Happy belated Easter. We just did the normal Sunday thing, church, dinner with family, and hung out. The kids have half days all this week. Tyson and I have to finish building his Pinewood Derby car. That's this Wednesday evening.

Browsed through the internet looking for cures for NB and came across some other blogs of parents with kids with NB. Reality check! Was sad to read about the kids that have passed away because of NB. A lot of the sites say these kids that have passed away have received their wings. Jovee is good at saying to me, "You come back, OK" when I leave for work. Sometimes when she leaves with Jeannine or I, she says, "OK, I come back". It's just a cute saying coming from her. I hope she always comes back and never has to leave us anytime soon. The reality of neuroblastoma is that she might not come back. They haven't determined her as cancer free yet because it is still active. She she's not considered in remission or if she's not in remission than she can't relapse. With relapse of NB, there is NO cure. Reality check again.

Today, I contacted a doctor in Vermont that's doing research on a drug called nifurtimox. This drug has shown to be toxic to NB cells. Awww, a little bit of hope. This doctor is pursing studies to develop nifurtimox as a treatment for neuroblastoma.

I got a lot of things to do here at work but everything gets put on hold when you get that reality check that NB can take Jovee away.

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