Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nothing 2 New

Other than pneumonia, same old same old. When Jovee was diagnosed, she was put on some antibiotics. A week later, she still hasn't gotten better so Jeannine took her in again and now she's on different antibiotics. She still has a yucky cough, yucky runny nose. Doctors say she's not contagious but she still isn't at 100%, probably about 70% Jovee. We just keep her busy by reading tons of books and watching Animal Planet. She really loves animals. I might just break down and bring one home sometime. It has to be a small dog with no shedding, no hair.
Brooke got her cast off last week and finally exposing her arm. She's a funny girl. Some people were surprised when we told them she had a cast on. She's happy now with it off.
That's about it, nothing too new.
Jovee has scans again next month, April 8th and 9th.

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