Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hospital Sweet Hospital

------ Shyanne and I at the hospital today ------

Well, I'm not sure if our first home is the hospital or our actual home home in Deer Park.

Just a check up to follow up on Shyanne's heart surgery turned into an emotional and draining day.

Dr. Burg, the cardiologist, met with us and told us she's very concerned with the EKG and ECG that they did on Shyanne. She bluntly put it to us that the vein that was operated on scarred up and that the right side of her heart is strenuously working to keep up with the restricted flow of the oxygenated blood. "This is very serious and I'm very concerned...probably need another open heart surgery".

Jeannine and I just shut down after that and just cried and cried and cried...what else are you supposed to do after just going through one open heart surgery, just bringing your baby home, and hearing that she'll probably need to do it again and the chances of it scarring again after that is very likely.

Anyways, after all was said and done and they did an X-Ray, Shyanne is admitted again to the hospital, Jeannine is staying the night tonight and they're just going to watch her closely. No surgery right now. They're giving her Lasik and Prevacid because there's concern with the lungs retaining too much liquids and possibly formula because Shyanne keeps throwing up formula. If there's liquid in the lungs, the heart will have to work harder and with the scarring of the vein and the heart having to work hard already as it is, they just want to keep a close eye on her. So, indefinitely staying at our home again.

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