Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good news

OK, here's the run down, latest and greatest.

Jeannine is bringing Shyanne home tonight.

There is still scarring on the vein that they operated on, will only heal with time. Not much to do about it right now.

Heart still beating fast but able to reduce the heart rate with meds and tampering with formula.

No open heart surgery! Yeah!!!! Woot woot!!!! The "good" cardiologist said we'll just keep a close, good watch on the heart, pulmonary vein, and lungs.

The "bad" cardiologist is on my X list. Basically she jumped the gun, traumatized us. "I'm really concerned", "This isn't a good thing", "We need to operate soon to reduce the scarring", "Success rate isn't very good even if we operate, chances of scarring will happen again - maybe 3 to 5 years". So all of her diagnoses is out the window.

Yes, still have to watch Shyanne closely but no surgery. That's all we wanted to hear.

Thanks for everyone's concerns and wanting to help us. Sorry if we worried anybody because of the "bad" cardiologists. Thanks for the love and concern.

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