Monday, November 2, 2009

Complete Waste of Day

So Jeannine and Shyanne left the house at 10 am this morning. I met up with them later in the day after doing some work.

Shyanne was prodded and poked twice in order to get an IV started. Hate seeing my baby get poked but it's for the eventual good of her. So after all the preparation for the renal (kidney) ultrasound, she started the test at 2:30 pm. The ultrasound tech said it would last approximately 62 minutes. During the middle of the ultrasound he would inject some Lasiks, a diuretic, into her to make her urinate. The ultrasound would track the flow of her kidneys...The reason for the renal (kidney) ultrasound is because it's a very good test for showing hydronephrosis (suggestive of obstruction or blockage of the kidney).

Anyways, after the hour long test, we headed to Dr. Starr, the pediatric urologist. In short summary, she just told us that the ultrasound tech did not inject the Lasiks into her at the half way mark. The whole reason for the ultrasound today was for Dr. Starr to see her kidneys and kidney flow on ultrasound. No Lasiks = No results. Stink!!!!!!

The same machine and room that Jovee gets her MIBG scans for her neuroblastoma was the same machine that was used for the scans today on Shyanne. They're a lot closer than they know. When the girls grow up, they'll definitely have lots to talk about. Pictures above are of Shyanne on the machine that Jovee has spent many hours on for her neuroblastoma scans.

One of our very good friends is in the hospital at Holy Family because of blood clots in his lungs. I thought that righteousness shielded you from trials but I guess not. He and his family are just amazing, righteous, kind, and awesome people.

Tyson, Brooke, and Bennet are starting chess again. Their first chess tournament is this weekend. Tyson beat me 2 games to 1 yesterday. Dang it, I can't stand losing to a 10 year old. But I'm glad it's to my 10 year old.