Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good check up today

22 inches long, up 3 inches from birth
10 pounds, 4 oz, up 3 pounds from birth

Overall it was a good doctors check up visit today. Got 3 shots today, immunized. Dr. Bennet is awesome. Really takes time to listen, to explain things easy, and he really cares about Shyanne (Jovee also, they both see him.)

2 nights ago Shyanne slept from midnight until 6 am. Wow, that was amazing. She had been getting up every couple of hours for feeds. That was getting tiring. But that's what parents do when you got newborns, whatever it takes to take care of them. Jeannine's been getting up more than me to feed her. She's an excellent mom to the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Dr. Bennet is the one who found Jak's tumor on his 3 year well child checkup. He's good isn't he. Glad things seem to be going well for your family. You guys are due for some good times after all you've been through. Take care
Laura Mortensen (Jak's mom)