Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fullness of Joy

A customer of mine today said that she honestly believed that I was lying to her about our situation. She couldn't believe that, in her own words, someone could have that much turmoil in their life.

I was humbled and was completely filled with joy this evening when, FINALLY, Dr. Judy called and said that she did not see anything to be concerned about on both the CT and MIBG scans.

I had been, if you really can, preparing for the worst bad news. These last weeks of Jovee's leg, knees, foot, etc...hurting her to where she would get up and cry at night time because of the pain have been making me really ill. I couldn't help but to think that we'd get the news of relapse. But no...everything looked good on the scans. The mass that keeps showing up in her scans has actually shrunk a bit. Yeah!!!!!! We really, really, really, really needed good news. We got it. Now we have some breathing room. I did try to put Shyanne aside because of Jovee's scans. We're clear for a while now. So much weight lifted off my shoulders. You really don't know how relieved that Jovee's tests came back clear. I'm drained and really tired and need to go to bed...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Yes, it was an awesome present today .


The Lee's said...

Rejoice!!! What wonderful, wonderful news!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeannine and I are sooo happy. Prayers are answered. Can't wait to tell the kids!!!-Doug & Jeannine

Anonymous said...

I can stop holding my breath now! But will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers! ~Carna