Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Seattle

Got in Seattle last night. Stayed in a hotel that was supposed to be quality but it wasn't that quality. Hot tub was dirty. Had to take a good shower after dipping my foot in it. Jovee and Jeannine came along. Jovee was so excited to get in the hot tub the entire trip over so she just jumped right in. Jeannine followed and then noticed how dirty the water was. She figured she'd stay a little longer in it and suffer through the gross-ness of it. The things that parents do for their kids.

Space Needle right outside the hotel window. Not bad view of it.

Hotel also had continental breakfast. Jeannine stared at a old man pick his nose at the breakfast table; almost made her throw up because he was almost at the knuckle as far as how deep he was in the hole. Afterwards he wiped it on the chair. Jeannine seriously almost threw up. Then she almost threw up again as the old man licked that finger that was doing the digging. My back was turned so I missed the spectacle.

Had a good little trip over. Met with one of my all time favorite missionaires, Elder Loosle. We met at the McDonalds in Moses Lake. Always good to see him.

Back in Seattle today. Jeannine and Jovee are visiting the Seattle Children's area. Reminder of the days of high dose chemo, radiation, Seattle Children's hospital stay...

Got to go visit Seattle China town to go get some really good Boba Tea, Almond flavor. There's a little shop that serves really good Almond Boba Tea.

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