Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Man

Went to the elementary school to hang out with the kids on this nice and shiny on the swing, swang myself kind of high, tried to show off to the kids, jumped off, and......hurt my ribs when I landed wrong. I'm old. My body is old.

Wrote thank you cards finally for Shyanne's funeral. A lot of cards to get out. We put it off...I think because I knew it was going to be hard. And it was. Hard because of how humbling it was to receive all the love and support and hard because just revisiting her passing away.

I try to be strong and OK. Keeping busy doing things is good but yesterday, Saturday morning after Bennet's basketball game, by myself driving to work, I just broke down and cried a waterfall of tears. You have moments like that and it is good to just let the tears flow. I'm all right for now again.

We celebrated Shyanne's 6 months birthday on the 9th. Had ice cream cake and just visited with the kids again. It was nice.

Sacred Heart gave us tickets to the Spokane Chiefs hockey game Friday night so our family, Sue and Jim, and Renee's kids all had a nice night at the hockey game. Carolyn from the Sunflower program at Sacred Heart thinks of our family and gets these relief things for, I guess you would call us, "families going through really tough experiences" or "the we feel sorry for your family" family. Nice to have continuing relief and support.

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