Monday, July 16, 2007

Have to believe in another miracle

"We're treating the soft tissue mass as if it is another neuroblastoma tumor...". That was from today's appointment with Dr. Park. The only reason why she can't say it is 100% is because they haven't done an actual biopsy of the tumor. It is an inch in diameter. Because it did show up positive last week on the MIBG Scan as a hot spot, doctors believe it is neuroblastoma.

Yes, disappointed and let down but Jeannine and I suspected that it was all along. We just hoped that it was just left over scar tissue from the big surgery. Have to look at it with a cup half full has not grown since May 10th. Need another miracle to have the radiation in the coming weeks wipe out that neuroblastoma tumor.

Jovee's friend Austin died yesterday afternoon around 4:00 pm. He passed away in his mother's arms. We had prayed for mom to be able to hold and comfort him and that his cancer would not be very painful, at least not so painful where his mother could not hold him. One of our kids told her that Austin died and then Jeannine went to talk to her about it. Jovee said to Jeannine, "Austin walk" and Jovee did the sign language for walk. Jovee then said, "Austin splash", implying that he's playing in his bathtub. "Austin happy", and did the sign language for happy. They had a good relationship while at the hospital and here at the house.

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Renee' said...

Just want you to know that we love you and you are always in our prayers. Asutin family is also in our prayers.Can't wain't until you come home.