Monday, July 9, 2007


We've had quite a nice break from the hospital, able to be back home in Deer Park for almost 2 weeks. Jeannine, Tyson, and Jovee flew into Seattle last week Monday and received a message on our phone that everything was rescheduled for this week; all the tests to find out how everything is going with her. So they just did a check up appointment on Tuesday morning and Jeannine drove back that same day. We informed the scheduler to always call our cell phone but she did not. The check up appointment could have been done here at Sacred Heart and the results could have been sent to Seattle Children's. Basically it was kind of a waste of 3 plane tickets because of a lack of communication directly to us.

Well, the lab check ups for last Tuesday were really positive. Jovee's counts, without any boosts, were in the 4,000 ANC range. I absolutely believe in home therapy (my own terms for Jovee being home with familar family and friends). She's done really well and just is as energetic and fun as can be. Yes, we have been spoiled with breaks the last 2 weeks and her feeling really good. Hard to think again and being reminded that she is still a cancer patient with radiation treatments left.

Since we've been home, Tyson's birthday and baptism took place on the same day. He's a big boy now. We had a really good neighborhood BBQ yesterday evening. Our neighbors have talked about it for a while now and we finally all got together in front of Bruce and Beth's front lawn. It was a good bonding moment. We have really good neighbors. When we got back from Seattle our front lawn was very green, mowed, trimmed, and well taken care of with new bark in various places, small picket fences in front of the house. Beth and my sister in law Renee and her kids were taking good care of our house since we've been in Seattle. How very awesome it was to come back to such a nice sight!

We head back to Seattle tomorrow sometime and have tests and scans the rest of the week, Thursday being a big test day where Jovee has to fast again.

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