Friday, July 13, 2007

No new abnormality!!!

Results from yesterday:

MIBG Total Scan:

Mild to moderately intense focal abnormal radiotracer uptake is present in the medial aspect of the apical left hemithorax. Amount of radiotracer uptake in this region is less extensive than that seen previously. THERE IS NO ABNORMAL FOCUS OF RADIOTRACER UPTAKE. THERE IS NO SKELETAL UPTAKE IDENTIFIED. NO NEW ABNORMALITY.

CT Scan of thorax, abdomen, pelvis:

Chest: Previously described soft tissue density in the left paraspinal area appears essentially unchanged when compared to prior exam. Stranding of fat planes of the left should and axilla appear slight decreased.

Heart, contrast-enhanced great vessels of the neck do not demonstrate an obvious abnormality. There has been significant interval improvement in airspace disease in both lungs.

Abdomen/pelvis: Visualized liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and adrenal glands, aorta, and IVC and opacified large and small bowels do not demonstrate any obvious abnormality.

So, not having met with any doctors or oncologists yet, this all appears to be excellent news. I had to go to the file room to get these reports, couldn't wait any longer until Monday, when we're supposed to go over these reports with Jovee's main oncologist. The main concern of the soft tissue mass is still in question but it has not changed in size so we'll see on that.

I was at the playground with Jovee when I called to see if I could get these reports. File room said yes and it took me about 10 minutes to walk over to the hospital with Jovee in her stroller. Nervous, anxious, scared, thankful, all at the same time walking over to pick up the reports. I knew it was going to be sealed in an envelope for privacy reasons so it was like, for those of the LDS faith, opening up a mission call, not knowing what lay ahead. Signed some papers to get the reports, sat down, said a little prayer with Jovee, opened it up, and scanned the reports for any words like "negative", "looks good", "positive results", etc....saw "no new abormality....was so humbled and thankful....had a happy, shed a few tears moment.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Next step is to meet with oncologist on Monday, go over this with her, meet with the radiologist on Wednesday to go over the radiation procedures and schedule.

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