Friday, November 9, 2007

Latest Results from Tests

Tests all done Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was CT scan of the chest, Wednesday was full body CT Scan, bone marrow aspiration (biopsy), MIBG Scan...

Dr. told us to give her a call Friday (today) morning and so I called at 9:30 am. She was real busy and I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the hospital at 3:00 pm. Her assistant said she was busy, to come back later. I asked if I could just get a print out of the findings because I have a little idea of what the findings say. She went back to talk to Dr. Judy, came back out and said "Dr. Judy has a small concern and doesn't want to give me any print outs until she acutally goes over the findings in full. Come back a little later and she'll talk to me."

"Small concern" didn't sound good. Any "concerns" isn't good when you're dealing with cancer. So I just cried and cried and cired after leaving the hospital, thinking the worst. Jeannine and I try to think positive but it's hard when you're dealing with cancer. Anyways, I went back to the hospital at 4:45 and this is what was discussed:

Positives: the nueroblastoma that measures 2 centimeters that is at the left side below her collar bone was less intense, less bright compared to September 5th on the scan. If it isn't bright on the scan that means that the neuroblastoma cells are not as active. That's our understanding. The bone and bone marrow biopsy showed negative neuroblastoma. We like that.

Negatives: 2 bright spots on the MIBG scan showed up. It is in the middle of her, at the top of her belly. Dr. said she's not quite sure it's neuroblastoma and said it's a "very, very good chance that it's just bowel". Bowel and guts can soak up the tracer. Dr. also said it could just be the adrenal glands. Really frustrating. There really is no clear test that shows neuroblastoma.

Scan again first week of December, the 4th and 5th or 5th and 6th.

Very frustrating and have to play the patience game. Dr. Judy is the medical director of Sacred Heart. She's top dog. But there was no definite clear answer that she could give us with what the 2 bright spots were other than could be guts and bowels...Aaaarggghhhh!!!!

Jovee is talking so much more and is so active and girly...she loves to wear dresses, hasn't put on pants for a long time. Her hair is growing lots. I'll have to take some pictures and post some tomorrow. Anyways, it's a solemn night at the Lim home, just don't know what to think because we really don't have any clarity on the 2 new bright spots.

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