Monday, November 12, 2007

Official wording from report

CT Scan of soft tissue neck:
Compared to 9/5/07
Soft tissue density in the left superior mediastinum. Currently measures 14x9 mm. Stable appearance.

CT Scan chest/abdomen/pelvis
Compared to9/5/07
Chest:No new soft tissue abnormalities are identified.
Abdomen/pelvis: Stable. No evidence for metastatic disease. Stable examination of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. There are no new abnormalities identified.

Bone marrow aspiration: No atypical cells to indicate metastatic disease are identified. Blasts are not increased.

MIBG Study:
The previously noted region of increased MIBG metabolism in the left paratracheal region is again identified, although decreased in intensity. THERE ARE TWO NEW REGIONS OF INCREASED MIBG METABOLISM IN THE PARA-AORTIC REGION, at approximately the T10 level. Uptake elsewhere is satisfactory. These likely represent para-aortic nodes; location within the adrenal glands is considered less likely.

Didn't really tell us much as far as the 2 new regions. Hopefully they are para-aortic nodes or guts or bowels.

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