Monday, November 12, 2007

Lots of Hair

Yes, she does have more hair then me. It's growing a lot. This is a picture of one of her favorite friends, Nolan. They like each other.
I requested copies of the report today, since I didn't get them on Friday. It still just puzzles me that the 2 bright spots could be guts or bowels. I doubtful because the doctors have never told us that bowel could light up in the scans so why would it show up now. The stomache area is where most of the kids with neuroblastoma start to appear; stomache, adrenal areas. I hope that my suspicions are dead wrong and that it's just nothing or just bowel. So anxious since it could be cancer and spreading or it's just bowel and nothing.
We partied and danced a lot last night. Jovee and the kids love to jam to music. Take a video camcorder and record your kids and record a lot of them. That was the advice of one of the mothers that lost her child because of cancer.

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