Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out of PICU

Shyanne was moved out of Pediatrics ICU back to Neonatal ICU. Amazing how these little kids recover so fast. She only has 3 tubes in her now.

Our kids really want her home. Bennet especially is having a hard time with this because he misses her so much. He's cried every single time we leave the hospital. Got a real tender heart.

Bennet and Tyson started soccer. Tyson's team is short a few so Bennet got to play up in Tyson's age bracket. Bennet scored the first 2 goals for the team. Tyson then scored the last 2 goals on the team. I'd like to think that they're going to be soccer pros but they're still young and every dad has dreams of his kid going pro :-)

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