Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shyanne and Jovee

Guess I should start a blog for Shyanne also now, huh? So the surgery was successful. Yippeee! The nurse and anesthesiologist grabbed her at 7:30 am...they kept us updated every hour and a half and finally we got to see her in ICU a little bit after 1 pm. It was sad to see her all in tubes, wires, cables, etc...At one point right when we walked in, she had so many tubes, wires, cables on her that we saw more of them than her actual body. Just got to be thankful that there's all this technology to help her recover after a major open heart surgery.

The kids and I went to visit Shyanne tonight. She's pretty out of it. Touched her fingers, toes, and head but she was unresponsive. Nurse Kim is taking care of her tonight. She seemed to be a really nice and caring nurse. Nurse Kim says she's doing good, everything, all the vitals are normal.

Got through this round...waiting for her to heal to so we can fight the next round of anomalies, whatever it is.

Jovee's tumor resection was similar to Shyanne's open heart surgery. A lot of the same tubes and lines. Geez!

Two schools of thoughts now: 1) I can be grateful that everything went well with the surgery so far or 2) I can be bitter about seeing Shyanne go through all this.

Everyone, from Jeannine's family to the ward members have been, like always, totally awesome and supportive. Wanda Day and Sheri McCullough have brought dinner over the last couple of nights. And mom Welchly also. We've got plenty of food leftover, plentiful to feed 5,000. I need to go on a diet. Well, actually I've been on a "stress diet", been too stressed to eat.

This is difficult...As Secondhand Serenade sings, "I'm wearing thin down to the core." Trying to stay strong cause I'm papa bear and I'm just supposed to be strong but this is difficult. I think what's been really the hardest is not being able to hold her or have her respond. It'll be at least another week, they say, that she'll be in PICU and then she will move back to NICU. Jeannine and I are planning on 3 to 4 weeks before we'll be able to bring her home.

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