Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update on everything

Nurse Brenda, Bennet loves swimming, Shyanne in her oxygen tent, Jovee at the bowling alley, Jovee in a tree, Shyanne's first few minutes...

Good news, bad news, indifferent...

Jovee's scans were on September 1st and 2nd, re-staging updated scans. Everything on the CT and MiBG came back stable. Yippeeee.
We had been concerned, like all neuroblastoma parents are, about this round of testing because Jovee had been complaining a bunch about her legs and stomache hurting. A neuroblastoma parent thinks what if it's the neuroblastoma coming back again? Anyways, everything still stable...

We welcomed Shyanne Grace Lim into our family on 9-9-09 at 5:55 am. The delivery was quiet crazy and intense. Jeannine starting having contractions at 11:16 pm. They were 4 minutes apart. Jeannine called to see if she should go in. Hospital said it's up to her. So Jeannine started walking around the house a bit and the contractions started going away. She opted to wait a little bit longer but then the hospital called again and said we should probably come in to get started on some antibiotics for the baby.

Left the house just before 4 am, Jeannine's water broke at 4:15 am just when we crossed the Wandermere bridge, arrived at Holy Family and after preping her she was checked again at 4:45, dilated to 2 cm. No big deal...nurse Brenda checked her again an hour later and Jeannine had dilated to 7 cm...last week Shyanne was head down but this time she was breech...nurse Brenda also felt the umbilical cord at the bottom of the cervix so it was dangerous for the baby to come out. Jeannine's body pushing Shyanne out and nurse Brenda pushing back to prevent Shyanne from coming out because of the dangerous location of the umbilical cord. Anyways, it all happened so fast...Brenda said to me "push the emergency call buttom"...she said, "I need a doctor in her right now!"...Doctor Brash came in, assesed the situation and said we need to operate, need to do a crash C-Section...they took Jeannine out of the room, down the hall (with nurse Brenda's hand still inside of Jeannine preventing baby from coming out), into the operating room...Doctor Brash said I can't come in...what????...anyways it all happened really fast and I just went back into the room, started to cry a little bit out of fear for Jeannine and the baby...

Anyways, 10 minutes later nurse came back and said everything went fast but fine. Wheeeewww!!

Jeannine is recovering. They had to cut her bigger than with Brooke and Bennet because of the emergency situation but she's recovering.

Shyanne had some breathing issues. Heart rate was going up around 140-160 beats per minute. She had to be in an oxygen tent (oxygen bubble). She had to get transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital via Medstar (ambulance, not helicopter). She's got several anomalies but the main issue is TAPVR, a heart defect.

Surgery is going to be most likely Monday afternoon.

Going through a lot of the things that we've already been through with Jovee's cancer. A little different but still emotionally draining. She's just days old and so fragile.

1 in 15,000 get TAPVR. Cardiologist said to me early, "Neither you or your wife did anything to cause this...". I really wonder about that statement.

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