Friday, January 8, 2010

Woke up feeling sorrowfully heavy. Kind of like that all day.

Went to the print shop to get the flyer for Shyanne's memorial this Saturday. We calling it the celebration of the life of Shyanne. We'd like to make it a happy service. The theme is kind of a sunshiney, happy full of light theme. No darkness or gloominess is allowed.

We went after the print shop to Woodland cemetary. This was a sad moment. This is where her mortal body was going to be buried. Yes, her spirit lives on but picking out the cemetary plot was another "boom" she's gone moment. While standing at the plot that we felt good about, the sun was nicely shining mid day. It was cold but I felt the peace of yes, this is where her body should be. I'd like to think that she was there approving of the grave site because the sun was brightly shining. Yes, one of the 2 nicknames that I called her was "Shiny" Shyanne.

After the cemetary plot selection we went to pick out her dress that she would be buried in. Picked out a real nice one. Her casket is going to be white. She'll just blend right in.

Our amazingly caring friends stopped by for a few moments and comforted us. We have such amazing friends. Sheila and Gerri are great!

While in Spokane, the principal, teacher, and gym teacher stopped by our house with Aunt Renee and dropped off a newly used washer. The same day that Shyanne died (I guess it was yesterday - how time flies) our washing machine gave out. The school stopped by with that newly used washer. They also gave us a great amount of groceries and also a gift card with money on it. Just amazing!

Lifecare Solutions also stopped by to pick up the oxygen and the other machines that kept Shy going. I'm glad we weren't there for them to pick it up. Renee handled it all. Aunt Renee has done so much to help us out in all of this. She and her kids have been so very supportive. Thank you so much again.

One of the only reasons we're still sanely functioning is because of the amazing support from our family and friends. Carters have been heaven sent. He took so really great pictures of the familys last hours with Shyanne. Jeannine just took over and took care of much business for us. Thank you.

I'm tired now. It's all happened so fast. There's so much to process...but not now. Just mostly trying to keep busy with the memorial this Saturday.

We drove past the funeral home tonight and thought, "Shyanne's body is in there."

Oh, I miss her sooooo much. I just want to kiss her lips and have her lick my lips. That was her kiss to me....


Anonymous said...

wonderful ..................................................

mike said...

Sigh...just read the posts from the past few weeks. =( Like everyone else has said, don't know what to say other than I love you guys and hope your anguish may be soothed. May you find comfort in the Gospel and knowledge that you're an eternal family.