Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bennet appointments today

Everyone went to Silverwood / Boulder Beach today and it sounds like they all had a great time.  I had to stay home and do lots of work.  Better making money than riding a crazy ride that would make me go round and round and round and make me puke.  I'm not a theme park kind of a person so I'm glad to have stayed behind. 

Bennet's first appointment this Wednesday morning is at 9am at Deaconess.  I've only been to Deaconess Hospital once, don't want to get to know it like I know Sacred Heart.  The 9am test is an hour long sweat test to see if he's got cystic fibrosis.  Anytime there are polyps, they want to rule out CF.

Next appointment is at 12:30 pm at Inland Imaging for the CT scan of the head / nasal passage. 

That's the schedule.  Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts....send some our way.

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