Monday, August 23, 2010


Bennet has had this major sniffling thing going on for over a month now.  Finally took him to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor today....

In short, his left nostril has some kind of a growth in there.  That's 100% certain.  Just don't know exactly what that growth is.  Possibly a nasal polyp.  I guess that's the best case end of the spectrum.  Won't know until we get a CT scan done.  The ENT doc said it's likely a polyp but she can't confirm.  Only way is to do a CT to rule that it is or isn't a polyp.  If it isn't a polyp, then the doc said the worst case end of the spectrum is a glioma.  As far as what type of glioma (nasal or brain), we do not know yet until the CT scan is done.

Anyways, polyp to glioma.  Big spectrum. 

Interestingly, an isolated polyp could be connected to neuroblastoma. 

All these range of thoughts...Jeannine and I need to know real, real soon so we want the CT scan done asap.  Stupid Wikipedia on glioma states that "gliomas cannot be cured".  This is the pessimistic side of looking at things. 

It all could be nothing but just don't assume anything until we know for sure.  Just don't assume anything....

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