Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spokane Indians game

Had a good time at the Spokane Indians game last night.  Got free tickets for the entire family through the Children's Miracle Network.  Got to go on the field before the game started.  The Children's Miracle Network game each of us 3 balloons to let go into the air after the Star Spangled Banner was sung to honor children who have passed away from cancer.  The kids all got Spokane Indians baseball.  The Indians scored 6 runs or more so everyone got Taco Bell Chalupas and a coupon for free stack of pancakes at IHOP.  Bennet threw the baseball 50 mph and won the 8 year old and under division for fastest pitch at the baseball throwing contest and won 2 free tickets to a future Spokane Indians game. 

Eventful night at the ball park.

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