Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SSKI drops vs. Jovee

So as part of getting scans, both the CT and MIBG, Jovee has to prepare for protection against the radioactivity of the machines, specifically the MIBG scan.  So she has to take this super duper nasty radiation protective agent called SSKI.  The SSKI specifically helps protect the thyroid.  Normally Jeannine would just open up Jovee's G-Tube and just shoot it in but....since Jovee doesn't have her G-Tube anymore, she has to take it orally.  We knew it was going to be a struggle but having thyroid issues is something we don't want her to have to go through so she has to take it.

Yes, she cried like crazy.  The SSKI drops are about as nasty as...um...let me think...as nasty as...no words.  It's just nasty.  Try having a 5 year old take this stuff.  Well, Jovee cried and tried to find many excuses not to take it but finally Jeannine and I were prepared to just pin her down and force it down her.  Yes, we did try ice cream, major dilution in water, and much bribery but to no avail.  Finally just said I'm counting to 5 and if you don't get it down yourself then we're forcing it down you.  Well, she cried some more but...my champion, my champion.

She's so tough, with major tears and all, Jovee just put the plastic syringe pumped with her dosage of the SSKI and just gave herself the dosage.  No, it did not stay down and she just gagged and immediately threw up.

Besides the fact that she threw up and didn't get hardly any of the drops inside of her, she did it herself.  Man, she's one brave soul.  Knowing that it was so nasty she still forced herself to take it.  She really tried to keep it down but just could not.  We just told her we'll try again tomorrow (I guess this) morning.  She has to take it 5 times before her MIBG on Wednesday.  Don't
know if that's gonna happen but we have to try. 

Anyways, she just was so super brave against the nasty SSKI.  What a great example of doing something tough and being obedient.  It really took a lot for her to just do it herself. 

Let's hope the nurse or whoever is going to inject the needle for blood work get it right the first time this morning!  No 5 - 7 pokes in one sitting.  She's gonna do great and then we'll take her to her favorite-est place to eat, Noodle Express.

Let's hope for good news and no evidence of disease!  This is my prayer and my plead to God.  Let's hope that stingy spot below her left collar bone has completely shrunk to next to nothing. 

Brooke got her hair cut today.  She really likes it and has been playing with it all day after she got it cut.  I'll have to take a picture real soon to post.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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