Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing new...

Our awesome buddies; Grace, Drew, Whitney, and Chaddy Chad

New blogger layout...not familiar with it since I haven't posted anything since May.

Just got back from Camp Side by Side. All I can say is, "Boost it! Boost it!" - you had to be there. Tyson is now officially "super good look'in" - also had to be there at Camp Side by Side. Jovee asks if she can go see Whitney. She really bonded well with Whitney. All of the buddies were great with the kids. Sorry you messed up your shoulders Chad. You have a year to heal up and then we'll race again.

Was a great time to once again bond with and talk to other cancer families. Some amazing kids and parents out there. Samir and Skyler are just two of the amazing kids there (and of course their amazing parents).

Not too much going on with Jovee. Just patching her weak eye and keeping glasses on her so her droopy eye gets stronger.

Jovee has scans August 17th and 18th. Good news please.

September 9th is coming around; Shyanne's 1st birthday. Today was a hard day for Brooke when she visited Shyanne at the cemetary. When it comes close to significant days like 1st birthday, it does get hard. We had family photos taken at Camp Side by Side and it was sad to not have Shyanne in the photos. We visited past home and hospital videos of her and man, it was difficult.

We're done with family vacation stuff for the summer. Kind of back to normal everyday life.


Anonymous said...

It was great meeting your family at camp last week! You are an amazing family and are so strong and positive even with everything you have been through in the last few years.
We will be thinking and praying for you next week during Jovee's scans. Praying for clear, clear scans!!
Ryan, Sara, Coleson, Logan & Alivia Brink

Gary said...

We are blessed to know your amazing family. You are one awesome team! God bless each of you and we'll be praying for BORING scans... boring has never sounded so heavenly. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

Please keep in touch,

Gary, Paula, Gary III and Sam Yost