Saturday, May 26, 2007

The battle begins...

Jovee didn't eat very much today, only a few ounces of Compleat by the feeding tube. She just threw up again at 10:30 pm so her body isn't holding anything in anyways. Her body is reacting to the chemo and she's lost her appetite. She's just lethargic, been like this all day today. We hope for the best for her.

My mom called today. They're all getting ready for my brother's wedding tomorrow. I wish to be there for his wedding but he understood. Talked to my grandmother also and she only found out recently about Jovee when she asked why I was coming down for the wedding. Everyone just told her that Jovee was sick, didn't go into details. I didn't know how to explain to her in Chinese.

Played tennis with the Seattle Tennis group. A bunch of really nice people. Good to have the comraderie. I hope to play a lot so I can take care of myself physically. It definitely makes a difference in attitude.

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