Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Snuck out of the 3rd floor unit and went to explore around the hospital.
Hmmmmm, I wonder how my dad got so good looking. That's probably why I'm soooo cute.
Jovee's ANC counts are down again to 2475 but her hematocrits rose up to 30.5, most likely because of the blood transfusion.
The nurses here just love her to death, just like at Sacred Heart. They mostly love working with her because she's so cooperative. When they need to get a blood pressure, the hug around the leg, she just puts her leg out there for them. When they need to draw blood out of her central line, she lays real still for them. Since all this began in October, I can only remember one instance where she was not as cooperative. Every other single instance she's just been so good. Especially when we have to change the dressing on her central line. You have to take the old tape off carefully, clean the area with special solution, clean around the central line, clean both ports, tape it down again as neatly as possible, make sure the tapes all down so there's no openings, etc...we've gotten good at changing the dressing but it still takes a good 10 minutes to do it and Jovee just lays there so still for us to do it. She just knows that she has to get it done.
I think it's the way with the chemotherapy, surgery, radiation in the future, and everything else. A lady came to visit us from the 3rd ward Monday and she, like so many others, have mentioned that Jovee has a mature spirit. She's taught us a lot lessons because of her mature spirit.
Today while walking around the outside grounds of the hospital there was a curb that we had to walk up. When she approached the curb, she stopped and put her hand up to me to reach for her to give her a little boost up. It was nothing big but it helped Jovee get up the curb. I just thought about all the people that have extended helping hands to us, thought about Heavenly Father reaching out with His hands to give us a boost. It made me feel real good to pull her up. I hope that it makes you feel good to know that you've lifted us up many times by your helping hands. Thank you so much for comforting us with your gentle hands when we've needed comfort. I hope to make my hands like those hands of Galilee, to be able to always lift others up.

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