Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Normal Week

Jeannine and Jovee flew home on Southwest Airlines last Thursday and the kids and I drove home, got home at 2:30 am on Friday morning. Was very tired but just wanted to get home while we got a break.

Yesterday evening the Young Men's from church came over and did yard work, back and front yard. It helped out soooo much. Our yard looks good. We leave this Sunday the 6th back to Seattle again so it was very much appreciated to have all the help. Our home teacher, Walt Hegwer, was the one that organized all of this. He always asks us if we need anything and we always tell him no so finally he found something that he could do for us. It was supposed to be a surprise because we weren't supposed to be home. What a good home teacher!

Read John Chapter 9. Excellent chapter.

The whole family went bowling tonight at Lilac Lanes. It was fun to see the kids have fun. Brooke is such a funny, girlie bowler. Jeannine broke 100 (103) and beat us all. Good times! Fun family time.

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