Sunday, May 27, 2007

Did well again

Nurse Lim changing Jovee's dressing and central line. Jeannine's gotten very good at taking care of her and doing what the nurses do.
Jovee loves taking a bath. Since she can't get in the hot tub at home, we call the bath tub or anything that she takes a bath in her very own hot tub. This is her hot tub at hospital. She spent about 30 minutes in it today and it definitely boosted her spirits.

Jovee's counts are at 6208 and she actually gained a little bit of weight, 3 ounces to be exact. Tonight she was able to walk around by herself around the floor and was in good spirits. She doesn't eat anything at all (hasn't eaten since Friday night at 9:00 pm - popcorn) so just the feeding tube, giving her 2 ounces of Compleat every 2 hours. She even turned down chocolate! She never turns down chocolate!

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