Monday, May 21, 2007


We went back to Deer Park for a short weekend trip and this picture was taken at one of the rest stops.

Appointments today at 9, 10, 10:45, and 12:00. Jeannine and I get tired of appointments but it's not about us, it's about taking care of Jovee. Sometimes we get so tired of going but then are reminded that the doctors and nurses are just trying to take care of her. For anyone that would have to go through what we have to go through, remember that we are in the driver's seat, not the doctors. We're supposed to have 3 more appointments tomorrow but cancelled 2 of them because they're just rehashing what we already have been told. You don't have to go to any appointments that you don't feel is necessary.

Jovee's body is prepared now. Jovee just layed there, very, very still while the nurse did the EKG. She's so good. With all the lines attached to her, as shown in the pictures up above, she just laid there as still as can be, and let the nurse do her thing. The nurse said Jovee was better than some adults doing EKG's.

Brooke loves to paint and do crafty stuff. After dinner tonight there was a group of young ladies that came and did arts and craft and she was the first and last person at the arts table. We tell her she's the best and I think she believes it. The power of kind, encouraging words goes a long way. Try it on somebody and you'll see them light up.

We were scheduled to start the high dose chemo on Wednesday but it will most likely be Thursday the 24th. Everyone says that the mucositis will be very, very bad (the sores in her mouth because of the chemo). We know that her immune system and white blood cells will be down to zero and she's supposed to be sick and recover for a total of 4 to 6 weeks. I hope, through faith and prayer, that she'll prove everybody wrong.

When Jovee received her baby's blessing, it was said that the spirit will be with her in the infancy, childhood, teenhood, and adult life. I know it's been with her in infancy. The spirit has sustained her so much during these last months.

Her hair is growing back alot. I love it. Tyson's a nerd.
Psalms 46:10. What an excellent scripture. I first read that scripture back in the mission field when I was going through some growing pains as a missionary. This scripture has helped me out many times in my life.

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