Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Recent Pics

Sennen Schmidt, President Bates, and the whole Young Men's came over to our house to do yard work. It was supposed to be a surprise but we got a break from the hospital so went home for a week.
Rob Miller, Bishop Deakins, and Brother Block all participated in our clean up. It was a lot of work but with everybody working together, the clean up was fast.

Like mother, like daughter. They sleep the same way.
Those dreamy eyes and his good looks are going to get him far. Yeah, you know where he gets his good looks...
At the Seattle Aquarium.

Just got back from church.
Just being a kid and having lots of fun on Matthews Beach, not far from the RMDH.

More fun at the beach at Matthews Beach

Matthews Beach photos.
At the Woodland Park Zoo.
Today while out on a jog, I thought to myself when and if we go through with the high dose chemo, there will be days when she's going to be very, very sick because of the chemo. I'm going to look at her and comfort her with words like, "Be strong Jovee..." but you know what, I think it's Jeannine and I that are going to have to be strong because Jovee is already strong enough to battle this. Her body is resilient and she's just a tank. I imagined her saying to me, "Daddy, you be strong because I'm strong and will get through this." She's given me lots of strength because of the personality and character that she is and what she's had to endure.

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