Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fast Recovery

So she was discharged last night, Monday night, and got back to the Ronald McDonald House at 10:00 pm. It was quite a fiasco trying to get discharged because earlier in the day Dr. W said Jovee just needs to drink 150cc's of water and then she can go home, about 12:30. She completed that task around 4:00 pm. We waited and waited and waited and waited and then I just said, in a nice way, that if we don't get to leave here by 8:30 pm, I'm walking out of here with her. I got tired of waiting for 4 and a half hours (I thought she got done drinking at 3:00 pm so I told the nurses that we've been waiting for 5 and a half hours to get discharged.) Anyways, we got home around 10:00 pm. Won't go into other details.

Jovee took her first steps tonight since the surgery at about 8:30 pm at McDonalds. She's still a little wobbly, still have to hold her hand but she started walking again.

There was an outbreak of chicken pox here at the house, freaked a lot of parents out because some of these kids are at a low on their immune system and the chicken pox could kill them. Jovee might have to be quarantined for 21 days because she hasn't had the chicken pox and hasn't had the vaccine.

The kids have been missing school because they've all had yucky coughs. It's taking forever for them to stop coughing. At the Hutch School you can't be sick or contagious at all because the kids that go there are either patients or siblings so just have to be careful not to pass anything around.

Bought a 2003 Subaru WRX with 77k miles tonight. Killer deal but the man didn't tell me that it was a salvage title. Gonna cancel the cashiers check and then see what happens after that. He's going to be mad but he misrepresented the car...not disclosing to me that it was salvaged titled. Was trying to negotiate out of it, had Brooke and Bennet with me. Both had to go pee so bad that Brooke couldn't hold it anymore and peed in her jeans. I felt really, really bad but was stressed out about the WRX, since I already gave him the cashier's check and found out afterwards that it was a salvage. Steve Blasier and Jeannine said to go first thing in the morning to the bank and cancel that cashier's check, call Jordan up and say, where do you want your car?

I thought about writing a book today, called "In good hands, in God's hands"...just a thought. Probably will never do it but liked the title though. Not bad for a skinny little, bald Asian guy.

Tyson and Bennet spend a lot of time playing Playstation 2 or Super Nintendo. Got to get them more educational games. Sometimes there's not much to do here and that keeps them occupied. Brooke just colors or plays by herself. She's such a good girl, always wanting to do what's right. Like putting on her seatbelt. She always puts it on and if you don't have it on, she's the seatbelt cop. She'll let you know.

I'm tired.

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