Saturday, April 21, 2007


Tuesday night, the 17th at around 8:00 pm, Bishop Shrever, our new Bishop came to the hospital to give Jovee a blessing and he opened up with the phrase, "You're in good hands...". In the blessing he also said that there are angels in the room, here to uplift her. Man, do you feel that! I believe there are angels among us. In her baby's blessing, Jeannine remembers me saying that Jovee will have the spirit with her in her infancy, childhood, teenage, and adulthood years.

I know that there's something special going on.

The nurse said tonight that Jovee shouldn't be scrunching her legs like that. Someone that's had such a major invasive surgery, especially having the incision where it's at and how long it is, she shouldn't be moving her legs like that. And to have her arms move and flow that way it is isn't normal either. Like we said in the beginning, Dr. W said she should be in ICU at least 10 to 14 days. Something special is going on.

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