Friday, April 13, 2007

Leaving Deer Park

Haven't written much this week because it's been a regular not too much exciting things going on week. We've been spoiled because Jovee's been really healthy and just been a ham. We leave for Seattle tomorrow, will be gone for a duration. I had trouble giving up the business, to let someone else take over it almost completely while being gone. I'll still be the ultimate decision maker but man, it's hard just turning it over. If I can help the business while there in Seattle, fine, but if not, no big deal. My full time job for the next while is to take care of the family; everything else is gravy. That's what the benefit auction was for, so I didn't have to work. It's hard because I've been working since the 5th grade, when I first had my paper route. Can't remember ever not working since then. But really, I do have a job taking care of Jeannine and the kids. Just have to do a paradigm shift.

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