Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The angiogram came back like we had hoped. It showed that even if the surgeon had to clamp the flow of blood of one artery, the other artery would still keep things going. She would not likely suffer a stroke because one artery stopped the flow of blood to the brain. Stupid man's explanation is something like this: smaller river A and bigger river B flow together to form really big river C. Even if you stopped smaller river A for a short time, river B would still keep river C going. That's the anatomy of what's going on; the tumor is around smaller river A.

Today was really frustrating. Jovee had to stop eating at 5 am and stop drinking anything at 9 am. She usually wakes up asking for corn dogs or something to eat. She didn't at all ask for anything until 1:15 pm. She signed "eat" several times. What made it really frustrating was we were supposed to be here at 11:45 am, which we arrived right on time. We checked in and the receptionist said we weren't even on the schedule for today. What????? So finally they checked us in and we were supposed to go get labs (blood draws to see if her counts were all good). We go up to get labs an hour later at 12:45 pm, had to wait another 15 minutes until the vampire came in to take blood. He asked which arm does Jovee usually get blood drawn out of? Right then and there I just got very, very perturbed. She had a Hickman line specifically put into her so she would not have to get poked. They said, no we don't draw blood through the Hickman line, we always poke and draw. I had Jovee in my arms and just vented. "Look, she's been so very good all day so far today. We got here right on time and you guys didn't have us scheduled in for the labs or even the angiogram. The computers said we were supposed to be admitted on 4/4., tomorrow. We got here when you told us to and now it's an hour and a half later and nothing's happened. She's starving but still being as patient as possible. Forget it. You're not poking her and drawing blood out of her that way. We're leaving, you can do this another day."

Anyways, it all worked out but man, I was so mad. Jeannine almost started crying because it was all so frustrating. Well, like I said, it all worked out. After the angiogram...which she did really good again, she's recovering tonight. For the angiogram, a small incision in the groin area was made and the tube/scope was put through her to check out the blood flow...she's so strong and good. What a warrior! Tiffany's boyfriend, Micah and I gave Jovee another blessing in preparation for tomorrow.

We've opted to go with the surgery route, opposing the high dose radiation which would cause permanent deformities and growth stuntage.

A nurse, Heidi, that took care of Jovee back when we first started this journey in October gave Jovee a little angel that had hung in her car for the last 3 years. The little wooden angel had the words, "Believe in Miracles" on it.

We believe and hope for many miracles tomorrow when the surgeon, Dr. John Waldhausen, operates on Jovee to remove the tumor. We hope that the 4 major risks involved with this surgery will not happen. The 4 risks were 1) possible partial loss of her voice 2) possible loss of mobility in her right arm, hands, and fingers 3) possible stroke 4) leakage from the thoracic duct that would take much healing and/or surgery to repair.

I guess the whole procedure is going to be risky but hope that the end result be be a great reward.

The surgeon has to cut her open and open her up like a book (cut the sternum, cut the collar bone, collapse the lungs, carefully manuever around all the nerves to try to get all of the cancerous tumor out. I'm sure there's much more involved but our non-medical minds digested at least that much of the surgery.)

The anesthesiologist said she'll look like a machine with a bunch of tubes, wires, monitors, all hooked up to her during surgery. The procedure will start at 8:30 am and will last about 8-10 hours.

Will all of you please say a little prayer tonight, tomorrow, and the recovering days after the surgery for Jovee?

Thank you. Believe in Miracles. We've seen many and hope to be blessed with many more.

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