Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Well, this is what I know as of today:

The concern of the leakage was explained to me more in detail from the surgeon, he explain, "This would be leakage from the thoracic duct. This brings lymph fluid back to the heart. I don’t know an exact percentage but because of the area of the tumor it is at some risk. These leaks can be taken care of but they can require either diet manipulation, medications or possibly surgery to get them to stop."

As far as the extent of high dose radiation, the radiologist we met with today, Dr. Kelly, said high dose radiation will cause a deformity, stunted growth, in the localized area. She will be deformed. Dr. Kelly has seen children with the stunted growth and it's not a good thing. Basically, her right clavicle will be stunted and it would be disproportioned. Her muscles and bone will not grow, it would look like a small persons clavicle on the right side and her normal adult clavicle on the left side. It would be disfigured.

So all that we're waiting on is the results from the angiogram tomorrow. She can't eat after 5 am and stop drinking after 9 am. I don't like it when we have to do that to her because she doesn't understand why we're doing it. She was in such a great mood today, the high spirited Jovee that I know. She sat so good in the van for the 4 1/2 hour drive here to Seattle.

We don't want to have her experience any pain, if possible. Any parent would want the same. I think of Heavenly Father and how much he must have suffered to see His Son be mocked, tormented, and crucified. I don't understand the magnititude behind that but I think I understand it just a tiny bit with Jovee.

I think whatever decision we settle on, it has to be in the best interest of Jovee and her future and not what Jeannine and I want. What's best for Jovee and what does Heavenly Father want for Jovee. I would think that He would also want to not see her in any kind of pain. I pray and I believe once we settle with a decision that we'll get that confirmation.

My good brother Mia found something called the Cyberknife on the internet. I'm gonna study it more. Something about robotic radiation therapy. Sounds interesting.

This picture was taken on September 9th, 2006 before Jovee was diagonosed with neuroblastoma. Just doing a little bit of reflecting...

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