Monday, April 16, 2007

Day of Surgery Continued again

Just got paged again at 1:44 pm from the Surgery Desk. She's still doing great, everything still going well.

We just picked up Tyson, Brooke, and Bennet from the Hutch School, their new school here in Seattle. They liked the teacher a lot and she said they should do just fine. Tyson likes it because it's half days (from 9-12:30) and they get recess everyday, 2 blocks away from the school.

We've tried to keep ourselves busy today. We thought we had to stay at the hospital all day but the pager has an 80 mile radius. We took off to register the kids, came back here to heat, went back to pick up the kids, go grocery shopping, and now preparing lunch. Rich and I have been looking for cars to buy to get them home since they dropped off the Lexus for us. It's just an old 93 Lexus ES300 with 190k on the body and 151k on the engine. Cheap $1500 car so don't think because it's a "Lexus" that it's anything super special.

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